Adalù: The value of Made in Italy

The value of traditions
and made in Italy

The Adalù® brand was born from the passion for surfing and the love for the traditions of its founder, Valeria.
The products come to life starting from the need to expand the offer of surf products in Italy to feminine.
This is Adalù®, a brand dedicated to adventurous and contemporary women but also nostalgic and romantic , who look to the future with the teachings of the past, aware and sensual, perfectly embodying the female icon of the Italian tradition.

Today Adalù® is also known abroad, where the quality of Made in Italy is highly appreciated, especially when it comes to surf costumes, which require greater attention in the design and in the design. All Adalù products have been designed to guarantee maximum quality and comfort in the water, without sacrificing femininity and style .
From quick drying to fit like a second skin, the main purpose is to always make Adalù costumes pleasant to wear and at the same time environmentally friendly.
All this has been possible only thanks to Tradition …

"Living in Italy means having many possibilities. Our traditions and roots are not only part of the past but must represent the most solid steps through which to access the future."

Valeria Donati
Adalù Creator

Adalù is eco-friendly

Adalù takes the issue of eco-sustainability very seriously. A brand that was born from the need to create products to experience the sea and in doing so, chooses to respect it.

What does Adalù do for the environment?

Since the first day of activity  the company has moved according to a production style with low environmental impact. Producing in an artisanal way, in the territory of origin and following the principle of km0, choosing the staff based on the ability to contain waste.
In a few years we have contributed to making a difference for our small ecosystem, and why not ? also for our sea.
For some years we have introduced in our collections items in lycra made with ECONYL® regenerated nylon fiber, a fiber derived from nylon scraps from recycled materials such as, for example, collected fishing nets from the ocean to be restored to new life but also fabric scraps, recovered from landfills to be reused in the form of a new fiber, of quality and suitable for the fashion sector.


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