Artisan spirit

Under the sign of Made in Italy

The value of traditions

Adalù® was born in 2015 from an idea by Valeria, designer and founder of the brand.

The name originates from her two grandmothers, Ada and Luciana , who passed on to her the love of sewing and made her understand the value of Made in Italy . All with the simplicity and dedication that only a grandmother can have.

While surfing in Italy, Valeria realizes a huge gap between women's and men's surf products: women's products lack practicality and sensitivity, almost as if they were designed by men.

It is precisely from here that the idea of ​​filling this void was born, creating costumes that come to life starting from the needs of the female universe, with particular attention to quality and sustainability.

And this is how Adalù®, from a simple dream, becomes reality : a brand dedicated to adventurous and contemporary women, but at the same time nostalgic and romantic. Women who look to the future strong in the teachings of the past, but aware of themselves and the environment around them.

Adalù and female enterprise

Adalù® is an all - female company. Valeria Donati created her small company thanks to the recognition of two tenders awarded by the Lazio Region, the first in 2015 as a fund for female creativity and the second in 2019 for female entrepreneurship.

Thanks to this funding, Adalù® was born, which subsequently consolidated itself as a start-up for the online sale of products dedicated to women's surfing, entirely Made in Italy and sustainable.

Today the brand is also known abroad, where the quality of Made in Italy is highly appreciated, especially when it comes to surf costumes, which require greater attention in design and planning.

All Adalù® products are designed to guarantee maximum quality and comfort in the water, without sacrificing femininity and that typically Italian touch of elegance.

From quick drying to fit like a second skin, without neglecting style and design: Adalù swimsuits are pleasant to wear and at the same time ecological and sustainable .

All this was only possible thanks to the strong tradition behind the brand and its founder:

«Living in Italy means having many possibilities. Our traditions and roots are not just part of the past but must represent the most solid steps through which to access the future."

Valeria Donati
Adalù Creator