Why we are sustainable

We care about eco-sustainability. Our brand was born from the need to create products for experiencing the sea, and we do so with the utmost respect for its environment and ecosystem.

What does Adalù do for the environment?

We have a mission: to become a reference point for all women who love surfing, and to do so with a sustainable business model that respects our ecosystem and the marine environment.

From day one, we have embraced a philosophy based on eco-sustainable values and choices, adopting a style of production with low environmental impact, totally artisanal and following the principle of km0.

Every choice, whether related to personnel or business processes, is made with respect for the environment, in order to reduce waste as much as possible.

ECONYL®: clothes that respect the planet

For the past several years, we have introduced several Lycra items into our collections made from ECONYL® regenerated nylon fiber.

This is a fiber derived from nylon scraps from reclaimed material, such as fishing nets collected from the ocean to be brought back to life, or even fabric scraps recovered from landfills to be reused.

The result is a new regenerated fiber, a quality nylon made from what no one uses anymore, which has the same characteristics as standard nylon. But with the difference that it can be regenerated and remolded countless times, resulting in new products without having to use new resources.