Skincare: le regole per avere una pelle sana in città

Skincare: the rules for having healthy skin in the city

Living in the city can be devastating to your skin , the main cause being pollution. It is absorbed by the superficial layers of the face, clogging the pores. For this it is useful to follow a routine. Below you will find a series of recommendations for the daily skincare.

Valeria Donati
Surf invernale, consigli pratici per surfare con il freddo

Winter surfing, practical advice for surfing in the cold

Surfing during the colder months presents a unique challenge that can daunt even the most experienced surfer. Find out more in this article!

Valeria Donati
10 abitudini green da rispettare tutti i giorni

10 green habits to respect every day

Make an adequate separate collection, turn off the lights, get around by bicycle are simple actions that integrated into the daily routine of many people, can make a difference by contributing to safeguarding the planet .

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Le tradizioni gastronomiche tra mare e montagna in estate

Gastronomic traditions between sea and mountains in summer

In Italy, nothing is more beautiful than summer, with its colours, its smells, its enchanting landscapes and nature that explodes in all its vitality. Of course, too the cuisine from north to south offers us delicious recipes and dishes , inspired by tradition, to cope with the increasingly high temperatures of this season.

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Food routine estiva: i consigli per essere sempre idratati

Summer food routine: tips to always be hydrated

In the middle of summer, the heat hinders your work a lot, affecting yours as well eating habits . For this it is essential to follow a food routine daily, to face the summer while maintaining the right hydration.

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Yoga, i benefici che apporta al corpo e alla mente

Yoga, the benefits it brings to the body and mind

Yoga is an increasingly widespread practice, a real panacea for your well-being. Discover all the benefits for body and mind.
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Consigli utili per iniziare a fare surf

Useful tips to start surfing

The surf it is considered a strenuous sport, especially in the beginning. It takes time, perseverance, training, but all your efforts will be repaid by the first wave you'll be able to ride and after experiencing that sensation, you'll hardly be able to do without it.

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Nylon rigenerato: infinite possibilità anche nella moda

Regenerated nylon: endless possibilities also in fashion

The fashion and textile industry remains a significant player in the global economy, providing employment for millions of people around the world. It is estimated that between 20 and 60 million people are employed in the textile industry worldwide.

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Come prendersi cura della pelle durante l’estate

How to take care of your skin during the summer

Take care of skin in summer it also means having to face the challenge of the heat on a daily basis. Sweat and high humidity are one thing for the skin considerable stress which needs to be remedied. Follow our advice!

Valeria Donati
Un caffè con Denise: sciatrice, surfista, yogi e sport blogger

A coffee with Denise: skier, surfer, yogi and sports blogger

We met several years ago, in the water. A sunny girl as can be said of many others but something else certainly emerges from her eyes. Let's go deeper…without too many puns I present Denise, a former Nordic ski athlete, now a lover of water sports and a Yoga teacher.

Valeria Donati
Mamme sulla tavola da surf con Valentina Marconi

Mothers on the surfboard with Valentina Marconi

We met Valentina Marconi, surfer for more than twenty years, dentist and mother of three beautiful children. Here is the complete interview!

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